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The best seats on the plane

Are you embarking on an air journey soon and longing for a relaxing flight? Then the choice of seat is not insignificant, so that your holiday can start during the flight. Especially if you are traveling Economy Class, it is advisable to reserve a seat on the plane. Because whether you want the best seat on the plane for sleeping, need more legroom on the plane, are looking for the best view or are trying to avoid travel sickness: We show you which airplane seats offer exactly the comfort you want. Therefore, if possible, follow our practical tips to get the best seats on the plane for you.


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Best seat on the plane: what should you consider?

Air travel can be uncomfortable if the seat is not chosen carefully. Especially for tall people, a seat where you can stretch out your legs is worth its weight in gold. But even if you want to enjoy the flight in peace and don't want to keep getting up because the person sitting next to you keeps having to go to the toilet, a well-chosen seat can give you a pleasant flight. There are even plane seats that should be preferred if you suffer from fear of flying or travel sickness.

What the best seats are on the plane really depends on the plane you will be flying on. Therefore, find out in advance what type of aircraft you will be traveling on and look at the airline's seating plan. As a general rule, avoid aircraft seats near the crew and toilets. These are very busy and you are not likely to get any peace and quiet. Seats in the last row are also not necessarily recommended, as the backrest usually cannot be folded back completely. In addition, the preparation of food in the galley can be perceived as disturbing. Passengers traveling alone should avoid the middle seat. If you sit arm to arm with other people to your left and right, you have little freedom of movement - especially when eating.

The best seats on the plane for all occasions

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1. The best seat on the plane for sleeping

After only a short time, you have neck pain because your head falls to the side when you sleep? The solution here is simple: find a window seat as far in front of the engines as possible so you can lean your head against the cabin wall and sleep in peace. Since sound is concentrated at the end of the aircraft, it is quietest at the front. A window seat is not only much more comfortable, but also has the advantage that you won't be woken up when your seatmates want to get up or the flight attendants want to pass you with their trolleys in the narrow aisles. This also prevents your neck muscles from being unnecessarily strained and you arrive refreshed at your destination.

2. The best seat on the plane with a view

Of course, the best seats on the plane with a view are by the windows. But because the arrangement of the rows of seats is slightly offset from the windows and often not noted on the airline's seating plans, you may find yourself looking at the wall of the cabin. To avoid this, you can find out about the seating arrangement of the respective aircraft type. Also, make sure that the wings of the aircraft do not obstruct your view. This way you can enjoy the spectacular view when the visibility is clear. You can also take a snapshot or two for your travel album.

3. The best seat on the plane to get food first

To satisfy your hunger as quickly as possible, it is best to choose a seat at the back of the plane. This is because the galley is located there. That's why most airlines start serving food at the back and work their way to the front.

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4. The best seat on the plane for fear of flying

No matter how calm the flight, passengers with fear of flying always feel a certain basic nervousness. Hands become sweaty, breathing and heartbeat accelerate. Even the thought that plane crashes are extremely rare doesn't really help here. The right seat might. According to statistics, the middle seats in the last row are the safest seats on the plane, as the mortality rate in a crash is only 28 percent. Added to the high improbability of a plane crash, such a seat will hopefully make you feel better.

5. The best seat on the plane for travel sickness

Despite taking travel tablets before departure, you may notice your stomach tightening with discomfort even during mild turbulence on the plane. In this case, the best place to sit on the plane is above the wings, because that is where turbulence is least felt. The reason for this is that the center of gravity of the aircraft is close to the wings. The most turbulent seats, on the other hand, are in the last rows of seats in the aircraft. If all the seats above the wings are already occupied, the seats in the front of the aircraft are also a good alternative. There, vibrations are also perceived less.

6. The best seat on the plane for legroom

When your knees are already bumping against the back of the person in front of you and then the backrest is tilted towards you, the desire for legroom is almost tangible. This is why seats at one of the emergency exits are particularly suitable for tall people who find business and first class too expensive. They have more space so that all passengers on the plane can be evacuated in an emergency. In a worst-case scenario, you assume responsibility for the passengers, but especially on a long-haul flight, the extra charge for more legroom on the plane, which many airlines demand, is worth it.

By the way: In this seat, you will receive special instructions from the flight attendants on how to open the door in an emergency.

7. The best seat on the plane to stay healthy

When flying, colds happen from time to time. Usually this is already noticeable by a scratchy throat and an itchy nose. The reason is often that the air conditioning is set too cold and that you are sitting close to many people. If you want to protect yourself from illness, it makes sense to reserve a seat by the window. In fact, this goes back to a US study that proved that air travelers with a window seat are most likely to stay healthy. On the other hand, passengers who sit on the aisle and keep getting up have an increased risk of catching an infection and getting sick.

8. The best seat on the plane with infants

Infants under the age of two are usually allowed to fly for free, but this also means they do not get their own seat and have to sit on a parent's lap during the flight. Therefore, the best seats on the plane for families with infants are behind dividers. They are usually equipped with a baby cot that can be attached to the wall after take-off. The proximity to toilets as well as changing tables is also practical. A small disadvantage, however, is that luggage cannot be stowed under the front seat because of the partition.

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Obviously, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for the best seat on the plane. However, depending on the needs of individual passengers, there are different seats that are best suited for different preferences. Hopefully, there was also a suitable tip for you. We wish you a comfortable journey!